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Who is CelRank?

We are not Celebrities. We are a group of friends, professionals of Internet and New Technologies, who offer this website to the community, because, as described in the section Why CelRank?, we believe that websites like this will help Internet users extract conclusions and at the same time, have fun!

The team who has defined and built this website is made up of different profesional profiles. The main driver and mastermind of CelRank is: Roger Vives

The Team

The information about Celebrities we offer in this website has only been obtained from the Net and, in the generation of the Popularity Ranks we are independent and objective, because the final score for each Celebrity is the result of how popular is a Celebrity on each of the websites tracked by CelRank.

We must end this section by thanking everyone who has been helping us at any time in the definition and construction of this website. Thank you very much to our families, especially for the hours that we could not spend with them, and to all the friends who have helped us solve the problems we have been facing and their priceless recommendations.

Thank you very much everyone! Without your help this project would have never come out.