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Why CelRank?

Internet has become the main information channel available that humanity has ever had. There has never been so much knowledge available to anyone and it has never been so easy to get it as nowadays with Internet.

Search Engines provide access to all existing knowledge on the Net offering an information search service which looks for web pages we would have never found, simply because we did not know them.

Blogs have allowed everyone to publish their ideas, concerns, opinions and to reach a potential amount of people that creators had never imagined.

Social Networks have opened the possibility to be connected to other people or organizations in a fast, easy and global way.

But not everything is perfect on the Net, it becomes difficult to separate the sheep from the goats.

In CelRank we think that the Net needs tools to simplify analysis of its content. Therefore this project was born. CelRank provides information on which Celebrities are the most popular by analyzing their buzz on the Net. CelRank goes over the Net looking for information about all Celebrities, so as to offer our visitors information about them. This information is analyzed and summarized in an easy and clear way. So, CelRank visitors can check which are the most popular Celebrities on the Net day by day.

CelRank-like sites help creating a universal way of exchanging semantic information between machines, providing interoperability between information systems and reducing needs for human intervention in the management processes associated to information flow. They are the Semantic Webs, term proposed by Tim Berners-Lee to provide content description technologies through standards such as RDF and OWL or markup languages like XML; so, it would increase the capacity and power of Internet in what would be known as Web 3.0 Revolution.