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CelRank Goals

CelRank main Goals are:

- Share the results of our tracking systems about the popularity of the Celebrities on the Net, among the community of web users.

- Provide a complete analysis of Celebrities Positioning in the different Web Types defined in CelRank. More information on this link.

- Objectivity, Independence and Democratization of the results.
The score obtained by each Celebrity is the only result of his/her popularity on the Net. Neither CelRank manipulates any data nor it is influenced by anything or anyone.

- Share information about Celebrities popularity and Ranks as updated as possible. So Ranks are generated Daily.

- Offer Ranks taking into account why each Celebrity is famous for. So, CelRank has classified each Celebrity in Tags based on the reasons why he/she is known for.

CelRank offers the following features to achieve these Goals:

- Rank Builder (placed below the main menu):
To get lists of Celebrities depending on how they have been Tagged, by Country, Gender, and ordered by Web Type.

- Phonetic Searcher (located on the top right):
As we all are human and we can make mistakes, phonetic searcher will take into account typo or spelling errors to help visitors find searched Celebrity.

- Detailed Analysis for each Celebrity:
Check Celebrity positioning in each Web Type and Tag where he/she belongs to.

- Usability and Power of the Web for the Visitors.