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What is CelRank?

CelRank is a website which provides information on Celebrities.

A Celebrity is someone whom a lot of people in the world know because his/her actions arouse interest and curiosity in the audience. They are Celebrities because people and media mention them, and obviously, also in the Net. We are talking about singers, politicians, actors, soccer players, writers, models, fiction characters...

Shared Information about Celebrities is an analysis of their activity on the Net. CelRank allows checking who is really more or less famous or well known, by analyzing his/her popularity in sites on the Net, and measuring his/her buzz on Social Networks like Facebook, on Blogs like Huffington Post, on Entertainment Sites like TMZ, in Digital Press, and in many more sites.

Expand on how CelRank analysis is made in this link.

To determine Celebrities order, Popularity Rankings are generated; it means ordered lists from most to least popular. The order is obtained running a score for each Celebrity and Web Type, where his/her score is linked to the information found on the analyzed Webs.

So, thanks to the clasification that we have made for every Celebrity by Tags, CelRank offers its Ranks to visitors. With the Rank Builder tool (always available under the main menu), visitors can generate the Ranks of Celebrities they want using existing Tags, the Gender, or even the Country. Its order will depend on the Type of Web that visitors selected: Social Networks, Blogs, Newspapers, etc.

You can check CelRank Tags in that other link.

The name of this website, CelRank, is therefore Celebrities Rank.