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CelRank Main Goal is to share the results obtained during the Tracking process and to ease their consult and publication. That's why CelRank offers the following features:

Rank Builder: visitors can get a ranked list of Celebrities, ordered from highest to lowest score according to their buzz in the Net. This tool, located under the main menu, allows visitors to list celebrities by some criteria: visitors can filter according to a selected Tag, you can add a second Tag which allows removing or refiltering Celebrities obtained thanks to the first Tag and, you can improve the list with Celebrities Nationality or Gender. At the end, visitors can sort the list by choosing one of the offered Web Types.
Results list is presented in groups of ten Celebrities. Use the arrows to move between pages and discover who is really a Celebrity on the Net, based on the Net!

CelRank Tags: discovering CelRank Tags is to discover different CelRank classification of Celebrities. Defined Tags are available here.

Celebrities Searcher: visitors have always the chance to look for the Celebrities they want, with the searcher placed on top right of the website and, deepen in their positioning on Internet. Do not worry if you do not write their names correctly, the searcher will help you find it!

Detailed Analysis: visitors can know Celebrities positioning in all Tags where they belong to and in all available Web Types.
Access to historical information about their positioning on the Net.
Get to know his/her CelRank popularity with information about number of times his/her page was visited, number of times a Celebrity was shown up in search results and, number of users who consider him/her their Favorite Celebrity.